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Our Founder and CEO, Felix Gonzalez pursued studies in architecture in Miami, FL, in 2001 and He accumulated 12 years of experience in the field. Throughout his tenure as an architect, he developed a keen awareness of the profound impact that built infrastructure can have on the environment. This realization sparked his dedication to integrating sustainable second-life materials into his architectural projects.


This approach led him to explore the transformative potential of rubber sourced from tires processed strategically into aggregates for concrete mixes in pavement creating permeable surfaces that facilitate natural water drainage, encourage evaporation, and enable the underlying soil to breathe.  As his knowledge expanded, Felix's focus shifted towards the broader scope of material recycling.


In 2012, Waste to Energy Resource was established with the core objective of establishing a recycled rubber supply network to bridge the gap of demand for ELTs from end users in the Far East with the western countries need to export ELTs for recycling. Proceeds from such endeavors were diligently re-invested in comprehensive research and developement studies on pyrolysys technologies.  In 2018 Gonzalez re-located to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to seek positioning Waste to Energy Resource strategically within the rcB and Rubber Industry and forge close relations with the industry's giants.  From that point forward WER has been providing invaluable consulting services to the rcB and rubber recycling industry. Through our commitment to sustainable practices and groundbreaking solutions, Waste to Energy Resource continues to make significant contributions to the field of recycling and environmental innovation.

in 2021 Waste to Energy Resource has  established similar goals for other sectors in the Recycling industry, such as Steel, UCO, and Photovoltaic Solar Panels. 


"Our aim is to centralize processing to eliminate the need for export therefore reducing the footprint significantly.  Re-claimed rubber products, fuels, composites, and activated carbons are among the by-products yielded.  We are deriving from waste tires, technologies that will soon provide a worldwide centralized solution to the disposal burden and will have a major positive impact, not only on the environment but on mayor industries  such as Energy, Agriculture, and Clean air."


                                                                             -Felix W. Gonzalez





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Available 800 Mts / Month
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Available TDF 2000 Mts/ Month
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Available 400 Mts/ Month
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